Festival´s Tea Leaf in UK

Att få ta del av hundar som är födda här hos oss är ett stort nöje och gör mig varm i hjärtat!

Jag fick ett mail från Carole i England, matte till Ralph, FESTIVAL´S TEA LEAF
(Ch Graceline´s Under Resans Gång – Festival´s Rattlesnake) född 2001.
Carole skrev 2005:
”As you know we left Sweden in November 2003, Ralph spent almost 6 months in quarantine, but with no adverse affects I am pleased to say. He settled back into normal life without a problem and is a gorgeous, happy, healthy, and very funny boy who is obsessed with large fluffy toys. He is actually quite a head turner too, we often get stopped in the village where we live by other golden retriever owners who comment on how lovely he is.”

Nu är det 2014:
”Just a brief email to say Hej, I took home my gorgeous bundle of fluff almost 13 years ago, at the time I lived in Trollhättan and Ralph spent his first two years in Sweden, but since Nov 2003 we have been back in the UK and Ralph has continued to be the most amazing boy. I’ve attached a few photos – a before and after if you like, sadly his age is starting to show and he is a little bit stiff, woolly and sleepy these days, but no less adorable. I am obviously (sadly) thinking of the future and a time when I will need to think about an alternative fluffy face to cherish, Ralph’s will be very big paws to fill but the idea of a Goldie free house is horrendous.”





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